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Most homeowners cannot tell the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Not knowing Sometimes gets them choosing the wrong type for a specific purpose.

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Tile Flooring Lincoln

Tile Flooring Lincoln NE

Tile Flooring Lincoln NE - Best Tiles to Use For Every Purpose

At Tile Flooring Lincoln NE, we notice that many of our homeowner clients interchangeably use the terms ‘porcelain’ and ‘ceramic’ so often. Given that both types are used for the same applications and installed the same way, confusing them is understandable. However, in these situations, we find that explaining their differences is essential. This way, we help our clients make better decisions.

To begin the comparison, let us first discuss their construction since this mainly explains their difference.

Porcelain Tile Lincoln

Porcelain tiles are made of a special white kaolin clay mixture and finely-ground feldspar fired at 2,200 to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, their surfaces are glazed with a coating of liquified glass material. The use of denser and less porous clay to create porcelain makes it more impervious to water than ceramic tile.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Lincoln

Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are made of course, red, brown, or white clay with a smaller ratio of kaolin. To make them, these are fired at lower temperatures, generally at 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Because the materials used are coarser, ceramic tiles are softer and more porous. In other words, ceramic tiles absorb more water than porcelain tiles, especially when left unglazed.

Choosing Tiles for Every Purpose

Now that we have tackled the main difference between the two types, let us discuss which is better for a specific condition.


Both types can be used in the bathroom; however, since porcelain tiles are nearly waterproof, homeowners should choose this type. Porcelain tiles are also more slip-resistant. Bathrooms prone to high foot traffic, such as those in bigger households and commercial establishments, are best suited for the more durable porcelain tile. Ceramic tiles, however, are still a desirable choice for standard bathrooms because they come in varieties. Designers like using the ceramic tiles of Tile Flooring Lincoln to create accent walls or wall tiles in bathrooms.


Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are more heat resistant and stain-proof. This makes them a better choice for kitchen floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Though both can be cleaned and maintained the same way, ceramic tiles are best cleaned immediately in case of spills to avoid getting stained. This is because they tend to absorb more than porcelain tiles.

Outdoor Space or Patios

Again, due to its durability, porcelain can better stand the outdoor environment. However, in warmer climates or have more sunny days, homeowners may enjoy the natural coolness ceramic provides. But in cold weather, ceramic may feel uncomfortably cold. In worst situations, ceramic may crack.

DIY Projects

Thanks to ceramic’s relatively softer surface, it is easier to work with them in DIY projects. Ceramic tiles can be cut into different shapes with a simple tile cutter or snap cutter. The process of cutting porcelain tiles is more complex and extensive. Often, a wet saw is required. Cutting porcelain tiles is something best left for professionals to handle. This is also why installing ceramic tiles is considered a more straightforward job than installing porcelain tiles.

Tight Budget

Because porcelain tiles present more advantages over ceramic tiles, they are costlier. Still, ceramic tiles offer a wide range of patterns and styles. Opting for this cheaper option does not necessarily equate to making style compromises. Plus, with time and patience, anyone can install them. Porcelain tiles are best left installed by experienced flooring specialists.  

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